Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Mexico- 2nd Most Dangerous State in the USA For Many Reasons



"Through all the drama- whether damned or not- Love guilds the scene, and women drive the plot".  The Rivals (1775), Epilogue                  

"New Mexico is the Capital of Corruption of the United States.  I have never seen anything like it in all of my years at the FBI.   Corruption is pervasive  at  every level of government".     FBI  S.A.C. Thomas C. McClenaghan, Albuquerque FBI Field Office, during a televised interview on January 20, 2009, on the 10 o'clock news, KRQE Channel 13  (a CBS affiliate).

Facts:  In March 2007,  one Shawne Deylon Riley contacted one Kathylyn Mary Beck,  both of whom had apparently attended the University of New Mexico.   Shawne Deylon Riley, [aka as Shawne Deylon Granere,  aka Shawne Deylon Crozier, aka Shawne Deylon Peterson, aka Shawne Deylon Archuleta], proceeded to make available to Kathylyn M. Beck a series of photographs and posts which Riley claimed she had discovered on craigslist, according to the testimony submitted by Beck,  who categorized Riley as a friend on May 2, 2007, during a Special Hearing at 2nd Judicial District Court before Special Commissioner Rosemary A. Cosgrove Aguilar.

The craigslist post contained photos or a photo of an adult male and a female with faces partly covered, whom plaintiff  Kathylyn M. Beck swore, under oath, were of her and the respondent in the case, Joseph Chao, an ex-boyfriend in 1991;  she further swore the photo(s) was/were taken with a Polaroid camera equipped with a timer;  and that they were taken in 1991, during the 5 month relationship Beck had with Chao.  Although plaintiff Beck was caught in 3 different misstatements of fact during her testimony and;  the fingers of the male model in the photo(s) did not match those of the respondent;  the scars that both the plantiff and respondent had on their abdomens, and the noticeable scar, deformity and absence of several inches of ulnar bone from the respondent's  left wrist were not apparent in the photo(s);  the fact the photo(s) of the woman model in the photo had a gap between her teeth which the plaintiff did not and does not have,  Special Commissioner Rosemary A. Cosgrove-Aguilar, found for the plaintiff and granted her a two (2) year order of protection,  branding this case, the product  of collusion, fraud, conspiracy, theft of intellectual property, and perjury,  a  finding of  domestic violence against respondent Chao, although no incidents of any actual violence, or threatened or implied violence against plaintiff Beck had ever taken place during or after the relationship ended.

At a subsequent hearing on August 9, 2007,  emails from the attorney from Sweet Entertainment Group, d/b/a, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  as well as the unretouched photos with faces showing  were brought in by respondent Chao's attorney.  In his emails, attorney Paul G. Kent-Snowsell, barrister for Sweet Entertainment Group d/b/a and its President Mike Sweet, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  described how the photo(s) introduced by plaintiff Kathylyn Mary Beck were not of plaintiff Beck and respondent Chao, but of Mike Sweet himself, and an unidentified professional porn model, and the photo(s) were the intellectual property of  Sweet Entertainment Group d/b/a  The respondent's  attorney,  William A. DeRaad,  also requested the controversial Judge presiding over the case,  Angela Juzang Jewell, the use of the Courtroom computer so that could be accessed and the photos shown to be not of the plaintiff and respondent,   but that of Mike Sweet, President of Sweet Entertainment Group, d/b/a and a professional female porn model.   Judge Angela Juzang Jewell, ignoring not only the fact plaintiff  Kathylyn Beck had been caught in three (3) misstatements of fact during the May 2, 2007, hearing, and refusing to  even look at the evidence, upheld the order of protection granted on May 2, 2007, against respondent Chao.

The case was appealed at the New Mexico Court of Appeals, which refused to hear the case and look at the evidence based on the fact that Judge Angela Juzang Jewell had refused to view it or even admit it on August 9, 2007.   Contacting the District Attorney for Bernalillo County's 2nd  Judicial District,  Kari A. Brandenburg, who herself has been involved in controversy in the past, yielded a written response to the effect that her "office lacks the resources and time to investigate"  the  five (5) felonies, i.e.  collusion, conspiracy, perjury, fraud upon a Court of Law, and theft and misuse of intellectual property to commit fraud upon a Court of  Law.

Although the corrupt New Mexico authorities have allowed these five (5) felonies of conspiracy, collusion, perjury, fraud upon a Court of Law, theft of intellectual property in order to conduct a fraud upon a Court of Law,  and deprive a U.S. Citizen, and honorably-discharged 100% disabled US Army Veteran to go unpunished,  the US Department of Justice,  the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and InterPol are fully advised of the matter and have a record of the felonies  committed, involving this  fraudulent, conspiratorial, perjurious,  collusional misuse of the stolen intellectual property of a Canadian citizen and a Canadian corporation.

Judge Angela Juzang Jewell  has been  involved in other notorious cases:  The case  of  Viola Trevino, who also fraudulently claimed successfully that she had given birth to a child and thus obtained  $20,000. in child support for a non-existent child from the Court.  After discovery of the fraud was made, official stationery belonging to Judge Angela Juzang Jewell was found in plaintiff  Viola Trevino's possession, either indicating at some point plaintiff Viola Trevino had ex parte contact with Judge Angela Juzang Jewell,  during which she somehow was able to obtain the stationery from the Judge's Chambers, or worse, there was some other sort of impropriety   between Judge Angela Juzang Jewell and  Viola Trevino.  Then there was the case of Ellen Snyder, who murdered her husband and buried him on their once joint property and then appeared before Judge Angela Juzang Jewell, and represented to Judge Angela Juzang Jewell that her husband had actually failed to appear, failing to disclose the fact that he failed to appear because she had murdered him, allegedly after he confessed to her that he was gay.  Judge Angela Juzang Jewell gave this murderess a full property settlement award.  Irony of note:  The attorney who so badly represented respondent Chao in the foregoing case, represented murderess Ellen Snyder in this case,  William Abel DeRaad.   Now, you would think that alleging she had murdered her husband after he allegedly confessed he was gay  would compel District Attorney Kari A. Brandenburg to enhance the charges to a hate crime,  but that also was not to be.  Ellen Snyder was allowed to enter into a Plea Agreement, giving her no more than 2-11 years in prison- she did considerably fewer than 11 years!   Another fact worthy of note was that though Judge Angela Juzang Jewell  did not proceed on a Court date in July 17, 2007,  after the plaintiff (Beck) failed to appear, and granted plaintiff Beck a continuance till August 9, 2007,  Judge Angela Juzang Jewell gave no such continuance to poor murdered Michael Snyder, whom plaintiff Ellen Snyder had murdered and buried on their once joint property.  Judge Angela Juzang Jewell has never explained the lack of consistency.  Indeed, she exhibited such animus towards respondent Chao, that she remarked that maybe the reason plaintiff Beck had not shown up was that "perhaps she is laying in a ditch (dead) somewhere".   Yet another sign of the stupidity, cluelessness and personal bias of this so-called Judge.  It was in fact another man, respondent Michael Snyder, who lay dead, not in a ditch, but in a grave at the couple's once joint property. 

In another case, which achieved a degree of national exposure due to the celebrity status of the man against whom the conspiracy was directed,  Colleen Nestler, of Northern New Mexico, and in Santa Fe's District Court,  was given a restraining order against Dave Letterman after she swore in Court that Letterman was sending her threatening and harassing messages in code during nightly broadcasts of his program!  Fortunately for Dave Letterman, since he is a man of  considerable wealth, and national popularity, he was able to secure the assistance of high-grade attorneys who were able to immediately quash this INSANE Order of Protection granted by one of New Mexico's very deranged judges.  

In just a few years there has been one arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, possession of alcohol, etc.;  another murdered his wife (Judge Gerald Reuhen Cole, who "got the ball"  rolling for plaintiff Kathylyn Beck and her protracted campaign) and then committed suicide;  yet another who was charged with raping a prostitute after she did not agree to perform an act the malevolent little deformed troll   (Judge Allen "Pat"  Murdoch)  wanted her to perform.  In fact, a  "secret" Department of Public Safety Report cited by KRQE Channel 13 reporter,  Larry Barker, documented that at least four (4) Albuquerque District Court Judges (from a total of 20 at the time)  regularly used cocaine and partied with criminal defense lawyers!   I have not even covered other Judges who have fixed cases for their staff, family and friends (Griego and Gomez).  Judge Theresa Gomez was also found to be fraudulently living in Section 8 housing meant for the POOR, though she was earning over $100,000. per year at the time.  What is even funnier is that a video on ETHICS that prospective jurors to Albuquerque's Metropolitan Court was narrated by Judge Theresa Gomez!   Such is life in Albuquerque.